What is Piaget theory of cognitive development?

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I am making a presentation on Piaget's theory of cognitive development, i have to describe the major concepts but i am so lost when it comes to that. help please? and dont forget to mention the reference.

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  1. Mitchel
    Cognitive development theory has been explained wonderfully by Jean Paiget. His theoretical works had major impact on the current cognitive studies. He talked about the cognitive development in children in the light of several cognitive stages. Piaget is a Swiss psychologist, who in his cognitive theories, has suggested that children pass through four different stages in a defined order which is universal in all children. Piaget explained that every stage of cognitive development varies from the other in terms of the quantity of information acquired at each, and in the quality of knowledge and understanding at that stage. Piaget, further explained child’s cognitive movement from one stage to the other, when the child attained a desired level of maturation and was brought in to relevant types of experiences. Paiget in his theory contends that without experience, children lack in the ability to reach their highest cognitive ability. Piaget's cognitive stages are divided in to four steps and are known as the sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational,and formal operational stages.

  2. Guest1093
    Why dont you try posting this in physics, theres alot of very smart people there that can help you with a question like that :)
  3. Guest5789
    Jean Piaget is your first logical reference. Take it from there. There is also Nancy Bayley, perhaps Erickson's psychosocial theory? How about Maslow and his hierarchy of needs pyramid. Lots of references out there can be adapted in your research...

    Good luck

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