Physical change and chemical change properties

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I am a student of science and needs to write on the topic physical change and chemical change properties? Please help.

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     Chemical Changes
    Chemical alterations take location on the molecular level. A chemical change makes a new substance. Examples of chemical alterations encompass combustion (burning), preparing nourishment an for demonstration rusting of an metal pot, and blending hydrochloric unpleasant and sodium hydroxide to make saline and water.
    Physical Changes
    Physical alterations are worried with power and states of matter. A personal change does not make a new substance. Changes in state or stage (melting, very cold, vaporization, condensation, sublimation) are personal changes. Examples of personal alterations encompass trampling a can, dissolving an ice cube, and shattering a bottle.
    There is some dissimilarity between a personal and chemical change in issue or substances.
    A personal change in a matter doesn't change what the matter is. In a chemical change where there is a chemical answer, a new matter is formed and power is either granted off or absorbed.
    Physical alterations can be reversed; chemical alterations will not be turned around with the matter altered back without exceptional entails, if at all.
    When heat is soaked up in a chemical change or answer, it is called an endothermic reaction. The pace at which chemical responses take location count on the warmth force and how intensified the compounds engaged in the chemical answer are. Sometimes compounds called catalysts are utilised to pace up or assist along a chemical reaction. Light is cooperative in the processing of film.



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