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I have picture in which Marilyn is in a one piece bathing suit, looking back over her left shoulder, holding a polka-dot scarf with her left hand at the left shoulder and wearing clear Lucite (plastic) platform type ankle strap shoes. I am just thinking that this picture was originally a B&W photo that has been reproduced with the bathing suit, scarf and shoe straps in red. All I want to know the year this was taken and for what purpose (movie promo, magazine article etc.)? Thanks in advance for your time.
PS have a scan if you need it.

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  1. John


    There are different picture of Marilyn and she was famous for the outstanding persona. All I know about this famous actress is her boldness and fashion sense. She did so many shoots, in fact very bold shoots and showed her dazzling beauty in the pictures.
    Let me sort it out for you. I think I know what photo you are talking about, as you have told me all the necessary things. It comes from a famous photo session from Fox studios taken sometime in late 1952 or early 1953.

    She often wore the same plastic shoes in many photo sessions, all the way into 1954 but then never again. They were sort of her trademark in the early 50s and I have many photo sessions featuring those shoes.

    I hope I have given you the right answer and I am happy to be of your help.

    Enjoy yourself


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