Pet turkey of Elvis.

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I want to know about turkeys especially as a pet , I have heard that Elvis had a pet turkey, is this a good pet animal, can anyone tell me about it.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Turkeys are very old animals and they have been with us for quite some time , their main home is North America. Turkey exists in Eocene period for 50-60 million years ago. Turkey are wild animals but they are domesticated as well which means that they can be kept at home as a pet. Many famous personalities kept the Turkey at home like the son of President Abraham Lincoln, kept this bird in the White House as a pet. President Bush in his speech in 2001 also told us that how good pets they are. Turkeys are also known as intelligent and social pets by the experts and there two main categories of Turkey, Wild and Domestic.
    Wild Turkeys can fly while the domestic breed of Turkey cannot. The physical differences are that domestic turkeys are larger and also have white whipped tails while wild turkeys have brown tipped tails and they have the ability to run faster than the domestic turkey. In some movies turkey is also used as an important character and it was known as Birdzilla in some movies. In the movie they were referring to its size. Another use of Turkey is that they eat ricks, insects, flies and mosquitoes. Famous Hollywood singer Elvis Presley was also fond of pet animals and he kept the turkey in his home as well.

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