Performance of Jaguar 2011 XJ L Supercharged

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My sister wants to buy Jaguar 2011 XJ L Supercharged but before buying it, she wants to know about its performance. If anyone knows about Jaguar 2011 XJ L Supercharged performance, please share your knowledge!

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  1. Duke

    The staggering acceleration of the 2011 Jaguar XJ L Supercharged is not easily the outcome of its having a supercharged 5.0-liter V8, which in this trim grade makes 470 horsepower and 424 pound-feet of torque. Sure, more power than all its likewise cost competitors is a large-scale part of it, but the Jag's aluminum structure furthermore assists hold its heaviness to just 4,341 pounds with a full container of gasoline. It doesn't take a stage from MIT to identify that more power in addition to less heaviness identical with one fast kitten. Indeed, not only does the XJ L Supercharged assault a 750i and S550 out of the water from none to 60, it agrees Jag's top-dog super games sedan, the Jaguar XFR.
    Less heaviness furthermore buys dividends when negotiating a taut, winding road. The comfort-biased tweaking of the XJ's adaptive suspension entails this vehicle can't rather agree the poise of German super sedans, but there is a nimble seem to the XJ that makes you overlook there's about 10 feet of long-wheelbase English limousine still behind you.
    The identical can be said about the BMW 750Li (well, except the English part), but the German super sedan feels like it overwhelms its dimensions with electrical devices wizardry like hardworking back wheel guiding, while the Jag appears to have an inherent, natural agility. Of course the XJ still has wizardry like a Dynamic Mode that subtly adjusts the calibration of the suspension, transmission, electrical devices differential and steadiness control. Meanwhile the XJ guides with a low-effort, friction-free seem, yet there is furthermore a grade of connection that is far more paying than the electric-assist guiding of BMW's flagship.
    It would emerge as if the hierarchy of luxury flagships is in flux. BMW utilised to be the driver's alternative in the segment, but with the astonishing XJ and besides sports-carlike Porsche Panamera, the alternative for drivers just got much harder.

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