Performance of Dodge challenger 2011 V8 Engine

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The new Dodge Challenger 2011 has come with new high power 392 ci SRT HEMI V8 Engine. Please give me further information about that as I am planning to buy this car. Your useful information can be very helpful for me in deciding to choose the type of engine for my Dodge. Thanks.

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  1. James Augustus

    The 392 ci SRT HEMI® V8 Engine of Dodge challenger 2011 is very powerful, practical and efficient. The Challenger versatile engine lineup not only maintains its legendary reputation but also achieve completely new level.
    The 392 HEMI is back, in the Challenger 392 SRT8®. Dodge challenger 2011 has got new 392 ci SRT HEMI V8 engine that generates an amazing 73.4 horsepower per liter which is the highest as you would expect aspirated specific-output engine ever made by Dodge. The performance of the engine helps Dodge to get its reputation back and help to better shares from the market.
    The 392 ci SRT HEMI produces 470 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque because of high-flow cylinder heads, SRT precise intake, exhaust manifolds and beefed-up valves work efficiently to take action to a performance-ground camshaft. It has fitted unbreakable block under the bonnet of the Challenger SRT8 is fully clad in HEMI Orange color from the original paint code.
    The 392 ci SRT HEMI has got a five-speed automatic transmission equipped with Fuel Saver Technology for providing greater efficient performance when it is at cruising speeds. It has aluminum cylinder heads that are built with hemispherical combustion chambers to support airflow and, afterward, horsepower and torque. The new 392 ci SRT HEMI has features that help in getting variable valve timing for better torque. When outfitted with Fuel Saver Technology, the computer-controlled variables add up to better mileage, even with all of that power obtainable when required.

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