Perfect first day of 7th grade outfit?

by Megan  |  11 years ago

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I don't want to wear a dress, heels or curl my hair with a curling iron. I don't mind putting my hair in rollers the day before. I can't wear eyeshadow or foundation or blush. I can wear a little mascara, and some lip gloss or chapstick. I shop at stores like: kohls, target, old navy, aeropostale, wet seal, jc penney, and ross. I'm thinking about short sleeve shirt so I don't get hot and capris or above the knee shorts. my new school doesn't allow tank tops, short shirts, miniskirts or showing stomach. no tube tops or halters either. I will most likeley wear some converse. Help? Hair. Makeup. Accessories. Outfit + shoes.

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  1. mae mole

    For your outfit. Just wear a plain top, jeans, chucks, and bangles. For the hair, just let it flow and put a head band, no curls. You'll look just right this way.

  2. Guest24278615

    lol same here.i mainly shop at forever 21,american eagle,hollister,abercrombie,delias,aero,and some other stores like school starts in like 2 days.wat i am goin to wear is a varsity hangover from delias,cami from aero underneath,and short shorts from aero.for shoes im probably gonna do dark blue converse.just gonna put my hair in a side ponytail cuz i dont want to do too much to it.

  3. Guest20393719
    Well this is what I'm wearing the first few days of school (I plan outfits in advance... it's kind of an obsession lol :) Outfit #1 Aeropostale ruffle front henley in auburn Gray lace cami undeneath Medium wash skinny jeans Black Flats Outfit #2 Black short sleeved scoop neck (not a tee shirt, like a blouse) Teal cami underneath Light wash skinny jeans Black flats Outfit #3 White v-neck tee Bright orangeish reddish cami underneath Dark wash straight jeans Black converse What you wear depends on your personal style. Skinny jeans are cute but if its too hot bermuda shorts are really cute as well. Flips flops or flats work with anything. You can pretty much choose any top that goes with your outfit and expresses your style. Hair: Put it in a ponytail and then curl it. If you have bangs pin them to the side or straight back with a cute clip. For makeup, one coat of mascara, and clear lip gloss. Good luck!
  4. Guest20374687
    EW. dont shop aeropostale. ALL their clothes are EXTREMLEY ugly, cheap, and all they do is say a dump logo ALL over them. every piece of clothing there! i laahv abercrombie, hollister, and AE but they are just SO expensive. i shop pac sun, wet seal, forever 21, and ocasionally marshalls (: EW i would die if i went to your school! jkjk. I'm in 7th. we go back september 9th (: we can wear pretty uch anything cuz its a HUGE public school. i am rlly into wet seal. I laahv boots with small heels, denim leggings in dark colors, a s**y tube top with a thick strap tank top underneath(duh you dont wanna look like a s**t lol.) and a leather jacket over to finish it off. or a plaid/grey peacoat. I'm rlly into forever 21 and wet seal cuz i'm a fashion girl :D I laahv cute hats, and LOADS of accesories. expecially things with birds on them, like a necklace :D here i'll make an outfit for you of what I would wear (and trust me, EVERYBODY loves my style!.. but its hard to pull off :P I have long red wavy hair with streight side bangs. some times i streighten it to bone-streight. haha. and when i say red i DONT mean orange. i have like.. barn red hair. unnatural dye (:) try this outfit: 1),,3,2 or ALL of this = one outfit: - - - - - - And a ton of accessories. just wear wehatever you like, or whatever looks good. heres another cool outfit: -,,4,5 aanndd one more lol: -,,4,1 exept i love denim or shiny sequin leggings. for hair, DONT wear braids. or full bangs. braids are ugly, and the only good looking bangs are half-bangs/sidebangs/long bangs. I suggest long wavy hair, past your shoulders, with layers, angles, and side bangs that are long and STREIGHT! DONT have curly hair. just slightly wavy. my hair looks like allison iraheta's hair. haha. hope i helped (: basically, i dig fashon! accesories, hats, shiny, layers, s**y, flashy, standing out! hahaha :D i love to put purple, blue, black, and sometimes platnum highlights or layers in my hair. I also love to use colored contacts. i like blood red, gold, purple, and green. sometimes i also use scarecrow fangs hahahaha my friends just think its funny and people laahv vampires. here are sum: they go in and out so easily.
  5. Guest20338572
    im going into 7 grade on the 30th so close!!!! and im wearing a checkered cami from aeropostale and my softball shorts and low converse. green bangled bracelet that i made at alex and ani and my side bangs clipped to the side with a necklace. maybe you can do the same!!!!!! hope i helped!!!!!!
  6. Guest20310214
    i'm going to seventh grade too and i have the same issue. i have many ideas but they're not just ME. if you're the girly type: flowy skirts cotton cardigans ballet flats tank tops cute charm bracelets, earrings, and necklaces pink converse lip gloss curly, long hair short, cute hair hair-bands barrettes justice clothing maybe some glittery nail polish if you're the okay-ish type: jeans t-shirts black converse simple jackets medium hair ponytail short hair long hair sweaters old navy clothing if you're the dress-to-impress type: gladiator sandals cardigans skinny jeans capris hollister clothing aeropostale clothing american eagle clothing papaya clothing forever 21 clothing jean shorts tank tops black converse flats pretty bracelets, earrings, or necklaces skirts curly hair short, chic hair bob (it's a kind of hair) medium hair hope this helped a lot :D
  7. Guest20309554
    What you should wear to school is not the coolest outfit you have because then people will expect you wear that kind of outfit everyday. You should wear something that comments your figure or eye color or skin tone.Your outfit should depend on your personality. If you're a sporty girl wear sneakers shorts or jeans and a tee shirt. If your not sporty wear jeans with a belt and put two tank tops that are similar in color on. For shoes wear sandals or flip flops. For accessories put on hoops if you have pierced ears or put on earrings that match your outfit. If you don't have pierced ears put on some bracelets or necklace. You could also wear a skirt with leggings and if you want use a belt for accessories. Then put on a tee shirt or a tank top and add a sweater or half top. For make-up, don't over do it. For eyeshadow, use one that matches your outfit or that makes your eyes pop. Only use a few flicks of mascara and a thin line of eye liner. Use any lip gloss, lip balm, or chap stick that makes your lips look soft and luscious. As hair goes coordinate it with your outfit for the sporty girls a pony tail of just leave it down. For others you can straighten your hair or curl it. Wear it in half pony tail or to the side or try a new hairdo.For nails paint them the same color as your outfit or the schools color. Show your school spirit! When you arrive at school don't doubt yourself instead brim with self confidence show you don't care what people think of your outfit because you like it. To finish off your outfit put on a happy smile and look on the bright side today you look fabulous.
  8. Guest20188851
    Hey! So I'm starting 8th grade but this works for seventh too. I'm wearing a v-neck tee(I'm not sure what color yet)with a aeropostale lace cami underneath. For pants, I'm wearing light wash skinny jeans and for shoes, black flats. Keep the makeup simple, you don't want people to think you are trying too hard. I'm just gonna wear a little mascara, light pink eyeshadow and a little blush. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, what you wear depends on your personal style. Good luck, hope I helped!
  9. Guest20186988
    I love wearing henleys from aero!
  10. Guest20158894
    I am going into seventh grade in two weeks. And here is what I am going to wear; Pink and White Aeropostale Cami, Hair in a side pony tail, Pink Flats, Pink Headband, Dark blue Skinnies, and silver bracelets along with a silver necklace with 5 diamonds inside. What you wear is based on your personal style, as you can see, I am a girl who likes the girly colors. But if you don't, thts fine. I would wear clear lip gloss, and one layer of mascara. You don't want people thinking you try wayyyy too hard. don't wear like a shirt with words such as; I'm not spoiled, i just get everything I want. THose shirts are tacky times 10 and only 2nd graders where them. If you want to go for the trendy farmgirl look, you could where a super tight white shirt, light blue overalls, pile your hair on top of your head, and simple gold jewlery. Or if you are a person who likes black and skulls and whatnot, Then where a black shirt with a skull or something on it, a white semi-short skirt, black fishnets, and black tennis shoes. STYLISH!! whatever your style is, choose the clothes you think express YOU. mix and match, try them on, and you will have your outfit. Hope I helped!!1
  11. Guest20141571
    wow i have the same problem too!!!! but i went to old navy and found some dark blue flare jeans and a cute short-sleeved shirt! i also got a pair of sperrys. and btw dont be too heavy w/ the mascara! hope i helped :)
  12. Guest20141107
    what i would wear is some fresh cargo pants a aeropostale or polo shirt with some nice lookin all white nikes uptowns or low ones or some white 12s and a fly hat and a side book bag and thats it youll look fresh trust me thats what imma wear the first day of school immma look mad fresh and fly imma have that chula swagg
  13. Guest19778477
    Okay, so I have the same problem, but I was reading the answers, and there all reallly alike, so I thought I'd add something else. Well, if you want to look different, don't wear converse, look unique! Maybe, you should wear a really cute flowy floral skirt, or jeans with a sequined pocket top, and a cardigan over it. For your hair, take a shower the night before, braid your hair in two tightish braids on each side, and then sleep in them. In the mornine, spray your hair with just a little bit of hairspay(you don't have to it will just lock them in) and then take them out. It'll give you a cute natural wavy look, and not overdone. You should also add a cute braided head band, thats the same hair color as you, or like if you have dirty blonde or just light brown, use gold, or if you have dark hair, use dark brown. If you have bangs, you should keep them out of the head band, annd if you have longer hair, it would look cute with a side pony, with a cute hair tye, and the braided head band, and the braided waves. for the shoes, you should wear flats, that are cute, colorful, and unique. Good luck! I really hope I helped!
  14. Guest19687278
    if i were you i would wear a nice fitting skinny jeans (perferably blue) with a new tank top ( a color that brings out your eyes) and a white jacket (regular perferably now designs)
  15. Guest19610016
    For your outfit you should wear some medium wash skinny jeans with a white v-neck tee with any neon color spaghetti strap shirt or tank top under it. For your shoes you should wear a pair of high top converses in white, black or maybe even pink or blue. Also you could wear a pair of white or black flats.For your hair you could straighten your hair and curl the top part of your hair. Or you could put your hair in a side bun and take a strand of hair from each side of your hair and and curl it (let it hang out through the day its supposed to be that way.) For makeup black mascara, brown eyeliner (if you have light colored hair and light colored eyes) Black eyeliner for any other colored hair and eyes, and flavored liquid lipgloss (so you smell good.) So for accessories you could wear little diamond studs (real or fake.) Also before you left the house spray some perfume or body mist in the air and walk through the mist. Well thats what you should do. Hope you like it!
  16. Guest19204848
    im going in the 7th grade too!!!! i would definetly wear jeans with a necklace, sperries, and a v-neck..HOTT
  17. Guest16297128
    This is what I wear, I wear any top with dark skinny jeans and dark Capri's brown or tan uggs a necklace and a bracelet that matches it and I always wear makeup!!!!!! Hope I helped?!?
  18. Guest13249069
    Ok i had a little trouble with this one too. I know it is already past the first day, but it works for 8th grade also. You sould wear a short sleeve shirt, not a crazy one. Look for a scarf that is like those "decorative" ones-- white or grey would work best. (you could prob. find 1 @ wet seal) Then wear jean shorts or skinny jeans with Vans, flip flops or converse. for hair it should be wavey, but not like real curls-- plain nothing in it. or so the same hair style just with a bobby pin pulling the front/bangs back Makeup could be just a clear or light pink lip gloss and mabe a little bit of NON-CLUMP mascara but prob. with eyeliner too--it will look the best. GOOD LUCK :)
  19. Guest13017391
    idk i wear a uniform and itssss ssssooooooo much beter than havin to pik out ur clothes every mornin
  20. Guest11243927
    Dont worry about ur outfit or makeup and etc. im a girl startin seventh grade too and im wearin is a short sleeve t shirt and a caprreze
  21. Guest11219031
    just don't worry about your clothes. just wear sumthin comfortable, cuz it's awkward when your messin with your clothes etc. in front of other people at school.
  22. Guest11135740
    I am in seventh grade to and instead of wearing a regular shirt try a V-neck and to dress it up a little try a nickles to add a little bit of flare to the to your make up you can try a light powder foundation some mascara and lip gloss . As fore the pants u can try skinny jeans but in case it is to hot for that you can try shorts. Hair is very important u can straighten it with a flatiron or where it in curls.Last but not least shoes i would go with Nike sneakers they are so cute and stylish stick with this and i can assure you that you will look great your first day of 7th grade !!!!
  23. Guest11104999
    just do whatever, im going into seventh too but i wouldnt wear skinnjeans on the first day. just put on whatever you feel comfortable in or whatevers on the top of yur drawers(: on the first day im gonna wear hmmmm; a gray tshirt with a purple tank top over it and black ripped up bermudas, and some dark blue flip flops. silver necklace and bracelets. i was thinking of curling my hair? buhbyee,
  24. Guest11065351
    Im going into 8th grade, so i remember 7th. :) im wearing for my first day dark wash skinny jeans, a neon yellow belt, flip flops, a white cami, a gray sweater, and a long silver necklace. and i think im curling my hair, or making it wavy. so try not to go for just one style, kind of mix them all together. hope this helps!:)
  25. Guest11044175
    I think what you should wear is black skinny jeans with a mini dress and some flats. your hair should be straight with a really hot headband.dont make your make up to showy try to stick with light colors. i hope this helped!
  26. Guest10991951
    im going to seventh too!! im actually going today its 8:16 wow i gotta go soon. but anyway im wearing this shirt that says its not me its u from victorias secret then im wearing these capris that have holes in them and then converse and my hair down straightned. i hope i helped and good luck at school!! When do you go??
  27. Guest10982454
    Im going into seventh 2! I say dont wear skinnies, because look above, thats what everyone will be wearing! and maybe some really comfy ballet flats, not converse because, once again thats what everyone will be wearing. Some jean cutoffs right above the knee or some ripped jeans, those are really in right now, plaid is too. just a tee with a cute over shirt if its cold. wear some really cute, bold jewelry. its fantastic and a great coversation starter when someone asks you where you got your earrings. hope i helped! =)
  28. Guest10866922
    Hey, I'm a Junior in High School, so I've for sure been there, done that. Really what you want to do, is express who you are through your clothes. If you like the skinny jeans and graphic tees, find some really cute, dark wash skinnies, and a not-to-tight graphic, and some really cute sneakers, or ballet flats. (Also, no matter what height you are, you can totally rock heels in skinnies.) If you're into the boho-chic look, find a totally cute knee-length skirt (JCP has some REALLY cute ones) and a fitted, basic top. If you wanna wear just a tee and some shorts, take a pair of old jeans that you never wear, and cut them off, or dye them. It's inexpensive, and a good way to freshen up your wardrobe. A cute, bold belt always looks good, especially with converse. As for the makeup? If you're going to wear any, go natural. You're young, you don't need a lot. Some lip gloss and a little mascara will look natural, and like your not trying to hard. Hair? Straighten it, wave it, whatever you feel most comfortable in. Accessories? Don't go overboard, but have some cute statement pieces. Hope it helps (: Got any questions or want some pics for ideas? email me at
  29. Guest10765107
    I am going into the 7th grade too and I am going to wear a graphic gray shirt with black skinnies, gray converse, and colorful jewlery, curl my hair, & mascaria with lip gloss...wea what fits you and show who you are
  30. Guest10731635
    If i were you then i would be wearing skinny jeans becuase that is the style that's just me since you don't wanna be to hot I say wear a darky shirt that has a graphic on it but is cute yet bright colored and then wear some solid neon colored shorts that go just above the knee then some dark converse and to really make it POP you could put a bright barrett in your hair or use a bright ponytail and since you don't seem like you would like a lot of jewlery maybe just a simple dark and neon necklace. As for make up make it as natural as possible so that way it doesn't look overdon
  31. Guest10707398
    just be yourself and don't try to be someone else.
  32. Guest10556287
    I am also going into 7th grade and I think you should wear a graphic tee with DC shoes, or mabey an areo shirt with abouve the knee shirts with converse and some cute earings. Keep the make-up lite you don't want poeple to think that you are trying too hard. Hope this helps :)
  33. Guest10516273
    Well I am going to 7th grade also. I am going to wear a vest type of shirt, which I got at Khols yesterday (), skinny jeans and vans, then I am going to put my hair in straight half-up half-down, or you can just curl the part that is in the ponytail holder. And then for my make-up I just put on some mascara, nothing too fancy...
  34. Guest10490044
    i think yo should wear a cute hot pink short sleave shirt, cute black capris, some really nice flip flops and an awesome pear of earings, maybe a bracelet and staiten ur hair to make it look really smoooth silky and soft!
  35. Guest10446097
    k well i would wear a deep blue pair of skinny jeans, and just a plain aero t-s**t with black converse and maybe some wacky neon laces. if the outfit is calm, wear lik really light perfume or lotion or somtin, than like put your hair up, so when u straiten it the 2nd day, that will make people compliment your hair more. dont be afraid to stand out
  36. Guest10404289
    -you should put youre hair in curlers the day before. and if it looks good put a puff thing on the top. you know what im talking about? but if your hair is like shoulder length then you should straighten it. -for your make up if you can put some eye liner on to make your eyes pop a little. and some mascara. and lip gloss. -converse are so in right now! so i would totally wear them! black are prolly the best. well thats what i think. -for your outfit you should wear skinny jeans maybe? or burmudas. you should wear an aeropostale henley. and a cami underneath it. i suggest darkblue. with a white henley. -fer your accessories you should wear a long chain necklace. and some studds fer earings. goodluckkk. -audrey.
  37. Guest10389383
    Im going to 7th grade too!!!! Hair: You can curl it. I like my hair straight though, so i straight iron my hair :) You can put it in rollers. Makeup: I personally dont like a lot of make at like only 12 ir 13 years old. Maybe lip gloss blush and coverup. Thats what I would do. Accessories: I LOVE lots of jewelry. So I would put on a necklace, lots of bracelets, a ring, cute stuff, you know? Outfit: Go with jeans, or not too short skirt... A graphiced top.. or like a plain colored tshirt.... nothing TOOOO showy.. Shoes: normal converse or other brands of shoes.. :) hope i helped!
  38. Guest10263103
    wow, ur picky

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