Peavey 2600 amp clipping at low levels

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I have had this amp for about 2 months now! first I noticed some hiss coming from channel B, so I hooked up a hum eliminator, thinking it was a ground loop prob, that worked but now the channel is clipping at low volume?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Peavey Background 1. Peavey Electronics is one of the few major musical-products manufacturers whose products are largely made in the United States. With headquarters in Meridian, Miss., founder and CEO Hartley Peavey's hometown, Peavey is among the state's largest private employers. Although Peavey operates 33 manufacturing plants throughout the world, most of its products are manufactured in Mississippi's 18 plants. Model Overview 2. Peavey's current power amp line includes the PV, CS, and GPS series. Each series is tailored to specific sound-reinforcement applications and price points. All models come with a five-year warranty and Peavey's reputation for reliable products at competitive prices. Peavey CS Series 3. The CS line, with six models based on the industry standard CS800, is the workhorse of the line. Engineering improvements over its predecessors, including Peavey's DDT™ compression/anti-clipping protection, and modern materials and design make the CS lighter in weight and only two rack-spaces in height. The CS 4080HZ, 4000, 800X4, 3000, 2000 and 1400 also feature two temperature-operated variable-speed fans, with design clues that nod to its CS heritage. Peavey GPS Series 4. The GPS Series is Peavey's pro-line amplifier. With five models designed for permanent installations and touring professionals, the GPS amplifiers feature low weight and high power in a two rack-space unit. Tunnel cooling, two variable-speed fans, initialization protection and DDT™ speaker protection round out the features. Models for every power need include the GPS 900, GPS 1500, GPS 2600, GPS 3400 and GPS 3500. Peavey PV Series 5. The PV Series is the company's value offering, with advanced features including patented Turbo-V® cooling with a two-speed temperature-sensitive fan. The 1600 Bi-Pack model includes a built-in 150 Hz/18 dB/octave subwoofer crossover with TRS output for use with bi-amped speaker systems, eliminating the need for an additional power amp. All PV Series amplifiers include Peavey's DDT™ soft limiter to protect amplifier and speakers. Available in various wattages, the 1500, 1600 Bi-Pack, 1900, 3800 and 2600 models compete with entry-level offerings from competitors. New-Breed Power Amps 6. Peavey has embraced the trend of compact, lightweight, high-powered, full-featured amplifiers that are rugged enough to withstand abuse during transport and extended full-power use. With the heaviest amp from Peavey weighing just over 55 pounds, and all amps fitting into two rack-spaces, the company has managed again to successfully compete with other manufacturers. Their five-year warranty is backed by Peavey's reputation of standing behind its products since 1965.

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