Pearl of Allah

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Pearl of Allah -
On May 7, 1934 a clam farmer off the coast of the Philippines was about to make the find of his life. As the farmer dived to get clams his eyes caught an enormous site. Right there was a huge clam nothing like the diver has ever seen before. He manages to get the clam out of the water and on to shore and was shocked at the shear size of this thing but when he opened it, that's when the surprise of a lifetime was found. There in the middle of the clam was a 14 pound pearl that was 9.4 inches long.

The pearl stayed in the family which founded it for many years and in 1999, the owners had received an offer from an unlike source interested in buying it. Bin Laden had sent 2 of his representatives to the owner and offered $60 million US for the pearl so he could offer it as a gift of unity to Saddam Hussein. The deal fell through but it's said that Saddam was ready to except the gift.

According to Guinness Book of Records and the San Francisco Gem Lab, the value of the pearl is worth $40 million US and is now in the ownership of the Pearl for Peace Foundation which is a charitable organization.

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