What is the recipe of Peanut Sauce?

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Do you know a good brand or recipe for peanut sauce? I"ve had a few types at different lemongrass restaurants and I would like to duplicate them at home.

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  2. Tom Reeds
    The basic method should be followed by this pattern. First Place peanut butter, broth, rice wine vinegar, ginger, garlic, chile in a soy sauce blender. Taste the vinegar and spice. Also taste for texture, it should not be too thick, nor too watery Then according to the taste add more garlic, vinegar, spice and add 1 teaspoon more chile flakes. Mince one more clove or little extra ginger. Also you can try adding little more soya sauce and if it could use extra salt. Then you can blend it and then taste it. Add to pan during the last five minutes of cooking. Making Peanut Sauce is difficult and time consuming. Its tastes is spice and it also has peanut tastes as well. It is one of the best sauces to use for chicken, shrimp and beef and it can also be used with the warm cooked noodles for a quick pasta dish. Following ingredients are required for the making of Peanut Sauce 1 ½ cups creamy peanut butter ½ cup coconut peanut butter 3 -4 tablespoons of water are required 3-4 tablespoons fresh lime juice 3-4 tablespoons soy sauce and 1 table spoon hot sauce is also required and 1-2 tablespoon of minced fresh ginger root , 3 cloves garlic and ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro is also required. The following pattern should be followed in order to make peanut sauce. In the bowl mix the peanut butter, coconut milk, water, lime juice, soy sauce, fish sauce, hot sauce, ginger and one table spoon garlic. Mix all of the above mentioned items just before serving.

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