Paus Masson Port and different cuvee numbers.

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I have my question regarding the Famous Paus Masson Port, A brilliant crimson, full-bodied, fruity port, with aromas and flavors of ripe plums and herbs, balanced with mild tannin and aged in oak casks for depth. I am a brand loyal of this particular product having a certain cuvee number which is 301 S. I want to know that if I am having 601 S instead of 301 S, is there going to be any difference ?

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  1. Harry

    This is a lovely bottle of wine and is very rarely available in any part of the world. It might be from the late 70s or early 80s which makes it well over 30 to 40 years old. Considering that it is port, it should still be nice and tasty to drink. Flavors will probably be caramel and toffee, with some sweetness still left. This would be lovely with a not too sweet dessert like fruit cake or some cheese. Somehow, as far as the worth of this item is concerned, it may not prove to be that much in the market. However, if someone wants to enjoy holidays or weekends, it would be a real treat at the holidays. The cream sherry, now that it is opened, it is advisable that it should probably be drunk within a month of when it was opened. If it is too late, then the best is just to see it holding in the hands. It may not be hurting, but it might taste kind of tired and old item.

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