Part time jobs for Filipino students in Scotland

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I am about to leave for Scotland for my higher studies, therefore looking for part time jobs available for Filipino students, I would be living with my distant relatives. Still I will have to cover my tuition fee, as my parents are not in the position to provide for my educational expenditures abroad. Can you help me know, of the possible options available to Filipino students for part time jobs in Scotland? I would be waiting for your answer, please do reply soon.

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  1. Guest24764293

    Looking for a job?

    Post your resume here:


    In need of:
    Accounting / Administration
    Advertising / Public Relations
    Aerospace / Defense
    Arts & Entertainment
    Banking / Biomed / Biotech
    Consumer Products
    Education / Healthcare
    Engineering / Electronics
    Finance / Financial Services
    General Mgmt. / Top Mgmt.
    HR / Recruiting / Outplacement
    Insurance / All Legal
    IT / IS / Internet / Comp. Sci.
    Law Enforcement & Security
    Management Consulting
    Manufacturing - all operations
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  2. Mitchel

     It’s nice to know that you are planning to continue your higher studies in Scotland, as a Filipino student you can choose from a wide range of options of part time jobs in Scotland. Scottish higher education system encourages the students to build careers while pursuing their higher studies. I believe it won’t be difficult for you to get a good part time job in Scotland. Currently university students in Scotland are earning up to £6.50 an hour and £11.50 an hour on weekends, while working part time in community service and health care.
    If you are planning your higher studies in social education, sociology, public services and community education, you have the golden opportunity to further your career by part time jobs in social care field. In Scotland social care jobs are not just limited to the care of elderly, therefore the demand of workers in this field are always on rise.

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