Part Time Jobs in Malaysia for Students

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I want to know what kind of part time jobs are available in Malaysia for students, especially if there are some work from home opportunities are there. Please help me finding some part time job as I really need to meet my education and house hold expenses! Thanks!

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  1. Guest24764293

    Looking for a job?

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    Accounting / Administration
    Advertising / Public Relations
    Aerospace / Defense
    Arts & Entertainment
    Banking / Biomed / Biotech
    Consumer Products
    Education / Healthcare
    Engineering / Electronics
    Finance / Financial Services
    General Mgmt. / Top Mgmt.
    HR / Recruiting / Outplacement
    Insurance / All Legal
    IT / IS / Internet / Comp. Sci.
    Law Enforcement & Security
    Management Consulting
    Manufacturing - all operations
    Nonprofit / Operations
    Retail / Real Estate
    Restaurant / Food Service
    Sales / Marketing
    Sales @ Home
    Service Industries
    Sports / Fitness / Training
    Transportation / Logistics

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  3. James Augustus

    Now a day, it is very hard to study without doing a job whether you are studying in Malaysia, India, china or any other part of the world. For that, students look for part job by using different sources. They search on classified pages of newspapers, they surf on internet to find suitable job and they use different references to locate appropriate job. But this is a time taking thing and really affects their studies as well. Sometimes, because of insufficient funds or money they fail to continue their studies. Malaysia is a place where finding a job is very tough for those students who are there to studies from other countries. They face many problems in finding part time jobs. As they do not communicate in Malay, they often fail to get any work. They only succeed in getting low paid jobs. But these type of jobs do provide enough money to pay their universities or institutes dues. However, Foreigner students in Malaysia can get online freelance work and can earn enough money to pay university fees and their every day expenses as well. Therefore, there are many websites where you might get job of your choice. These are:

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