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Hello,I want some information about Pantomime Speaking, thank you for your reply in advance.

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    The term Pantomime related to a theatrical performer of mime, is one of popular musical-comedy theatrical production specifically found in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Japan, India, Ireland, Gibraltar and Malta, and is usually performed during the Christmas and New Year events. The word belongs to the Greek words"παντόμιμος" (pantomimos), "pantomimic actor" and that from "παντός" (pantos), genitive of "πᾶς" (pas), "every, all"[3] + "μῖμος" (mimos), "imitator, actor. This type of performances usually planned at Christmas, with family audiences, British pantomime is now a famous form of theatre, including song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, cross-dressing, in-jokes, topical references, audience involvements, and little sexual innuendo.
    In Ancient Greece a pantomime was basically a group who imitates all accompanied by sung narrative and instrumental music, which is usually played on the flute. The term later came to be used to the performance itself. The pantomime was one of famous form of entertainment in ancient Greece and later in Rome Empire too. Like theatre, it contained the genres of comedy, tragedy, and s*x. No ancient pantomime libretto available as the genre was looked down upon by the literary elite. Many famous ancient poets such as Lucan worked for the pantomime, no doubt in part because the work was well succeeded.
    The method and the subject matter of modern pantomime also have very clear and strong links with the continental Commedia dell'arte, it was placed as one of the famous form of the theatre that arose in Italy in the Early Modern Period, and then in 16th century migrate England.

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