Paleolitiko. mai a*s. ako 2ngkul sa mga kagamitan nung panahaon ng paleolitiko pede mo ba akong

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Its been a week, i am searching for a term Paleolitiko. My teacher assigned me a work, to write a note on division of the Paleolitiko period. can someone help me.

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  1. Mitchel

    The term Prehistoric era can be best defined as the time that existed before our written history started, so the term prehistoric era includes three ages, Stone Age (Paleolithic and Neolithic ages), the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. The Prehistoric era covers the time from about 2,000,000 b.c. to roughly 2000 b.c. 2000b.c refers to the Classical Age, it was the time of the rise of the Greek and Roman empires.
    Prehistory therefore as defined earlier basically refers to the period before human history was recorded . Paul Tournal is the one who coined this term in French, anté-historique,, as he used this term in order to describe the findings he had come up with n the caves of southern France. This term then came into common use in France in the year 1830s, it was used to describe the time before writing, while the word "prehistoric" was for the first time used into English by Daniel Wilson in 1851.

    One can use the term "prehistory" to describe all times since the beginning of the universe, but in majority of the cases, this term is used to describe, the period of time since life first appeared on Earth, or in more specific terms it relates to the time when human-like beings appeared on the face of this earth

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