How to cancel a Palace premier contract?

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I entered into an agreement with Palace Resorts in Cancun, Mexico for future trips to their resorts, I now want to cancel the contract, what should I do?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    There are some scenarios where you signed a contract and then later you discover that you might not be able to fulfill it or you want to break the contract due to financial issues or due to some other reasons. However there are some rules and regulations to break the contract.
    First thing you have to do is to check your state laws about the cancellation of contract rights. There is a lending act which allows three days to rethink about the contract to change your mind about a second mortgage or about the improvement of the home. You can also see the resources and some consumer action link websites which you can use to gain knowledge about the cancellation of your contract.

    Write a letter with a format as date on the top of the letter. Then write the name and address of the party which you want to contract with after couple of lines. Shortly after this come straight to the point why you want to cancel the contract and also identify the name of the contract by your name and number.
    Tell about the reason of the cancellation of the contract, although this part is not always necessary but this will help in making make your case or appeal strong. There are some state laws which say that you must provide with a reasonable good reason to cancel your contract.
    After this you have to include your full address and phone number at the bottom of the letter and get it signed in the presence of notary. The notary will verify the date and will also make sure that the entry is cancelled in his book. For your own record make a copy of the letter.

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