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Hi, I am a tourist; I need few tips for shopping in Pakistan, Please help me as I want to do some shopping for my parents, thanks.

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  1. kate

     The shopping experience in Pakistan is very nice and pleasant but here are few shopping tips that remained you safe from any unpleasant event while purchasing things from Pakistan:
    •The first tip is that do not leave the home without a bottle of water. As the weather of Pakistan is very hot and it varies suddenly so in order to avoid bad effect of weather and dehydration, keep a bottle of water which will hydrate you. Otherwise you will find yourself fighting and angering at innocent bystanders.
    •It is recommended that to wear comfortable and relax shoes so that you remain easy while driving or walking. This sounds obvious but you should be prepared for the unpredictability of the streets of the cities of Pakistan. It is more appropriate that you wear covered shoes and not you’re most comfy sandals because few streets are unpaved and it may be possible to stub your toes if you are not careful.
    •While shopping in the Pakistani markets hold your cell phones and purses safely. A good strategy for this, place your purses zip in this way that it will face your way under your arm so that no one has the chance to open it from the back and take out your valuables.
    •Fallow the people you are with because in the narrow lanes of the markets it is very easy to get lost. If you will keep these guidelines in mind then you will have a safe shopping trip!

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