Pakistan shines in world cup 2011 beating Sri Lanka.

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How Pakistan made an impression of being s strong side in world cup 2011 than India?

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    After Pakistan winning against Sri Lanka and the India vs. England match ending in a tie, the next matches of both the team were against weaker sides which both won rather easily without much trouble. When Pakistan went on to play New Zealand, despite having the control over the match in hand they lost their way bowling the kiwis and lost the match by 110 runs. This came out as a result of some bad bowling by their key bowler Shoaib Akhtar and poor wicket-keeping display by Karmran Akmal. The batting also flopped chasing a target of 300 plus runs but somehow proved to be an early wake up call for the green shirts who did not bat well, despite winning against the weaker Canadians. On the other hand, the Indians were up against formidable looking South Africa. As a result of some good batting display by the openers, India on to post a total of just under 300 runs. Considering that chasing was not easy under lights and against some good Indian spinners, the South Africans batted bravely and somehow managed to chase the total of 300, thus leaving behind an impression of weak Indian bowling. There were many stages in the match where India seemed to be winning rather easily but some South African batsmen really played well down the order to win an important match for their team. This also was not good for India as for the second time they were not able to defend a good score.

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