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My history teacher is planning a trip to the historical places of Pakistan, for that I am assigned a task to make a list of best 2 historical places, in the course of students can learn better about the history of Pakistan. The things I want to know about the historical places are: first of all your suggestion and their importance with a little description because I have to defend these places to approve the visit. I would appreciate any kind of help. Thanks in advance!

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    Well each country has symbols, monuments and specific architecture that becomes the recognition in the world. Considering Pakistan, Pakistan has the powerful resources that show the history of every nation belongs to the universe. Places like badshahi mosque, Shalimar gardens, Hiran minar, and Lahore fort exhibit different kind of history of olden times. The city of Lahore is not only a symbol of the structure, but it is the essential place for the training of quality and tourism.

    If you are searching for the places for educational trip specific history then you would not ignore my recommendations. Trust me these are the best sightseeing places in Pakistan for learning and understanding the civilization, culture and of olden times.

    Harappa is located in the Punjab province of Pakistan in southwest of city Sahiwal. Harappa is the known for the Indus valley civilization and that was discovered in 1920’s. If you are in Lahore then its 250 km’s away from Lahore. Visiting Harappa you will understand the modernism and progressive Indus valley civilization. Historians discovered their way of life and architecture different then other civilizations. The Houses of Harappa was built with burned bricks with an excellent drainage system. Roads were wide and planned well for any kind of transportation. The cemeteries found in Harappa indicate that the people were fond of wearing necklace, bangles and rings.

    Takht-i-bahi is located in Peshawar. It’s not exactly in Peshawar but 80 km’s away from Peshawar city. Takht-i-bahi exhibits an ancient Buddhist civilization. Takht-i-bahi was discovered by a French officer of maharaja ranjit Singh in the year of 1836.Historians believe that it exhibit the civilization of 2nd or 3rd century AD. If you want to find the best source of information on Buddhism then you should start your journey from Takht-i-bahi because it represents the oldest living style and culture of Buddhism. With this tour you will learn the classical example of ancient design and architecture and excellent example f brilliant planning and scientific architecture.

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