Pakistan flooding and global warming

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I want to know that what is the relation between Pakistan flooding and global warming. If someone have any information about this please share it.

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    Floods that have devastated Pakistan could be a sign of the future as climate change brings greater extremes of weather to the region. While climate scientists say single flooding events can't be directly blamed on global warming, more intense droughts and floods could be in the forecast for the future. And for Pakistan's 160 million people, many already facing regular droughts and floods; that could cost more lives and threaten cotton, wheat and rice crops and infrastructure. It could also add to the security challenges in what is already one of the world's poorest and volatile nations that is battling Islamic militancy. The government has been heavily criticized over its poor response to the crisis. Scientists say Pakistan could also suffer in the long-term from declining amounts of meltwater from glaciers feeding the Indus River, which is nation's life-blood.

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