can I do Painting over old oil painting

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Please tell me can I do Painting over old oil painting, thanks.

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  1. kate

    Yes, you can paint on an old oil painting and change its look like a new one. But before start painting clean the painting and make sure that there is no grease or dust on the painting. Dust can be removed easily by wiping the painting with a damp cloth and leaving it to dry, In case if painting have any grease spot then wash it lightly with a solution of rubbing alcohol and let it dry overnight. If the colors applied on the old painting are very strong and dark then, consider painting a layer or two of fat titanium white on the top level of the painting, and try to avoid gesso in order to get better result.
    After applying the fat titanium white coat on the top level, leave it and letting it dry completely between coats. You can then paint on it as normally and complete it. Just try to avoid over wash. In case if you observe colors on your rag just then you can "wake up" an old oil painting before you continue painting on it by using on a thin coat of oil medium and leaving it to stand for at least a day, It is suggested that place your painting at that place where no dust gather to damage you painting. In the technical term this whole process is known as oiling out. Remember also, that the new oil paint that you are planning to use has oil in it which will also 'feed' the old paint. Some Old Masters, when glazing, used did a thin "wake up" layer between dried coats.

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