The 1970 Bollinger Champagne.

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I have my question about the 1970 Bollinger Champagne. Actually I have this kept in the box in basement of my parent house, lying horizontally for so many years. I do not know neither I ever had a chance to think about that why it has not been used. What I need to know is that is this could be still drinkable.

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  1. Harry

    Talking about the Bollinger champagne, and saying that if is still drinkable being of 1970s, this very much depends upon the fact that how this bottle was kept in the basement. If it was kept in a cool dry place then there is a very rare chance that anything wrong could have happened to the bottle as far as the taste is concerned. Besides, if it was kept in a cool dry place, it was also corked tightly enough so as to prevent oxygen from getting inside. But even in a cool cellar there is a chance that most of the freshness that is the aim of RD or Recent Disgorgement, will have been lost after so long. The only thing left behind would be a lovely bottle of old Vintage Champagne. Now as far as its value is concerned, there cannot be a suggestion of the value as it has been quite a long time this vintage has vanished from merchant's shelves. However, if there are any intentions of selling this item, the only helpful source could be Wine Commune, provided if the seller is serious.


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