PIA flight schedules from Karachi to Lahore

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I am planning a trip to Lahore for friend’s marriage invitation. I have heard that PIA has updated the fight schedules from Lahore to Karachi. If you have latest information about the PIA flight schedules please inform it here. I cannot access PIA official website for the latest update. Regards!

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     PIA has update the schedules for Karachi to Lahore trip, According to the latest PIA official announcing PIA is starting weekly flights from Karachi to Lahore as it was. But they have changed the timings. With new proposal PIA would be like this
    These timings are sorted with flight numbers as shown in PIA schedule for flights from Karachi to Lahore.

    PK 302 Saturday to Sunday 8:00 Am
    PK 304 Saturday to Sunday 3:00 Pm
    PK 306 Saturday to Sunday 7:00 Pm
    PK 314 only Sunday 5:00 pm
    PK 316 Monday and Friday 8:00 Pm
    PK 793 only Wednesday 2:00 Am
    PK 1721 only Tuesday 2:25 Am
    PK 1723 only Thursday 2:25 Am
    PK 1789 only Tuesday 4:15 Am
    NL 144 Saturday to Sunday 7:00 Pm
    NL 146 Saturday to Sunday 12:30 Pm
    NL 148 Tuesday to Friday 4:15 Pm
    ED 402 Saturday to Sunday 12:00 Pm
    ED 406 Saturday to Sunday 9:00 Pm

    These are the latest timings for PIA flights from Karachi to Lahore. If you are interested in know about further details I would feel an appreciation to answer your queries. For more information you can ask any question and any time. Hope my information would help you a lot in making arrangements. Regards!

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