Overview about Honda Accord Sedan Remote Engine Starter System

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I am Kevin from Mali and I am a student of engineering. I am searching to find out a complete information overview about Honda Accord Sedan remote engine starter system and its price. Can someone please help me about it?

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  1. Judi

    Remote Engine Starter System of Honda Accord Sedan 2011 form is conceived to supply convenience for Honda proprietors dwelling in freezing or warm weather conditions. With the assist of Remote Engine Starter System, you can Warm up your vehicle in the winter, or cooling it down in the summer. A pointer emits from the isolated to the receiver unit which is fitted in Honda Accord Sedan by the engineers, that instructions the vehicle scheme to start and halt the engine. Here are some exclusive characteristics of Honda Accord Sedan remote engine starter system:
    • Two-way isolated scheme that permits you understand your vehicle's status
    • A greatest of two successive begins with the isolated in alignment to avert carbon monoxide build-up
    • Pre-wired and conceived to interface with your vehicle. No chopping wires
    • Retains your electrical devices immobilizer and security system
    • 200-foot range
    • Command button to avert unintentional motor begins and stops
    • Automatically triggers vehicle weather command and defroster
    • Available only with self-acting transmission models
    • A second Remote Engine Start System fob is available.
    The genuine cost of Honda civic isolated motor starter scheme is MSRP $512. Prices which shown are constructor proposed retail charges only. Installation cost for this accessory is not encompassed in this package. Dealer charges may be varying. Prices omit all the applicable taxes.

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