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I recently purchased an old keystone projector at a garage sale. Inside the box with the projector was an Excel movies Hal Roach Our Gang comedy 16mm 200 feet film called Baseball Champs. I cant find anything with this title. the two opening frames say Our Gang Baseball Champs second frame says "bad blood exists between the giants and the yanks usually on the end of somebodys nose" next frames show little kids on a field and thats as far as i will unwind it. Have you heard of this film. It is dated mcmxxiv I think 1924. path exchange.I cant find an Our Gang movie with this title. Does it have any value? Just curious. Don’t want to sell it I want to watch it, I haven’t seen it because I’m afraid I might damage it. Any info.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    \"Baseball Champs\" derives from \"Giants Vs. Yanks\" from 1923. Excel distributed the Path Our Gangs (1922-27) for home movie use. The films were sold at varying lengths, ranging anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. There were many versions of the movie in which it was sold. There were segments in the movie. The movie was directed by Robert F McGowan and it cast includes Anna Mae Bilson, Peggy Cartwright and Jackie Condon. The 20 minute versions contained virtually the whole film and usually had the original title. The shorter versions were basically just segments of the original films and Excel would give these new names such as \"Baseball Champs.\" If I remember correctly, \"Baseball Champs\" contains about a third, or maybe half, of \"Giants Vs. Yanks.\" You're right about the Roman numerals reading 1924, but all of the Excel boxes have this copyright year (not sure why this is). As far as the value goes, it isn't that rare of an item since Excel (and its sister company Univex) sold a lot of these home movies. Some are scarcer than others, but I've seen \"Baseball Champs\" a couple of times on eBay and even bought one of them. I don't think I spent anymore than about thirty or forty dollars for it, if even that much.

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