About the movies Birthday Blues & Bouncing Babies.

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I like to know about the movies Birthday Blue and Bouncing Babies, what is the theme of both these movies, how these movies differ from each other?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Bouncing Babies is a short comedy film which was directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was released in the year 1929. Wheezer brother gets all the attention from his family members while Wheezers gets jealous because of this attention. Wheezer is ignored by his family and people expect him to behave like a “big boy”. One day Wheezer was trying to make a breakfast but caught in the act and was spanked for doing such act. After that Wheezer tries to run away from the home with Pete and Pup. The movie was produced by Robert F McGowan and the main cast of the movie included Dickie Moore, George McFarland, Matthew Beard, Dorothy DeBorba, Kendall McComas. The music was composed by Leroy Shield and Marvin Hatley.
    On the other hand Birthday Blue was released in the year 1932 and it was also a short comedy film, it was also directed by Robert McGowan, produced by Hal Roach and was released by Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The story starts when their penny pinching father was unable to buy a gift , in fact their father refuses to buy a gift for their mother. Then the brother Dickie and Spanky decided to purchase a gift for their Mom on their own. The dress they were planning to buy was too expensive however they somehow bought the dress. However the party was ruined by his father when he returns back home and finds about what the children have done.

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