Oscar Awards by Tom Cruise.

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The world knows the great hollywood actor Tom Cruise since 1983 when for the first time he played a leading role in the movie Risky Business. Being a famous celebrity, Tom must have won a lot of awards. I would like to know that how many Oscar Awards been won by Tom Cruise?

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  1. Harry

    This is something which may prove to be very much surprising that Tom Cruise has never won an Oscar award. Although he has been nominated for it many times but somehow he never could go on to win. As far as that how much revenue generated by the particular picture, Tom Cruise may be the most successful actor ever but he has always lost out on critical acclaim. There were many beliefs and rumors that Cruise was likely to win an Oscar in his movie The Last Samurai because it was uncharacteristic of him to play this kind of character. Yet again the Oscar was not there for Tom. There is some kind of a perception that Cruise may have missed out on Oscars as perhaps he was way too popular so as to get an Oscar. Looking at his performances in movies such as Magnolias, Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire and Collateral were Oscar worthy. Cruise has made a name for himself by his honest portrayals of the exemplary what can be called a Good Guy. His most successful movies have been the Mission Impossible franchise, Top Gun, Cocktail, A Few Good Men and Risky Business.

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