Name of the movie with Operation Bodyguard.

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I saw a black and white war movie about 17 years ago and have not seen it since then. I don't know the name of it or even any of the actors in it but it was really, really good. Most of the actors were British and it was about Operation Bodyguard where these higher-ups in the military used the body of a local boy who was somehow or other killed and his family couldn't afford the cost of the funeral. The military folks asked the young man's family if they use his body for a 'mission' and then they would pay for a hero's funeral for the young man. The family agreed and the military dressed him in an officers uniform, loaded him up with faked. The body was set adrift to float ashore somewhere and the papers were found and all went according to plan. It was a really clever movie and I ask everyone I know if they have ever seen it and most people don't know what I am talking about, but some do they just don't know the name of the movie. Can you tell me about the name of movie?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Operation Bodyguard was the overall Allied strategic deception plan in Europe for 1944, carried out as part of the build-up to the invasion of Normandy. The major objective of this plan was to lead the Germans to believe that the invasion of northwestern Europe would come later than was actually planned, and to threaten attacks at other locations than the true objective. But, I'm afraid I can't think of any film that was based on this story.

    There is another movie in which Operation Mincemeat was carried out that was very similar to that which you remember. This name of this movie is \"The Man Who Never Was\", made in 1956. Based upon true events in WW2 and made with a nearly-all British cast by 20th Century Fox in England, it starred Clifton Webb and Gloria Grahame.

    The only differences between this film and the one you describe is that the story takes place prior to the invasion of Italy and not Normandy, and it was in color.

    STORYLINE: \"British Intelligence during World War II is trying to get the German High Command to shift it's forces away from Italy prior to the invasion. To create the illusion of a plan for England to invade Greece a dead body is to be procured, allowed to be found with secret papers on him by Spanish authorities who will send the papers on to the Germans, or that's the plan. First they have to find a body that will look drowned, and create an identity for him that will pass the examination of the German agent who is sure to check him out.\"

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