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I want to know some information about online home shopping in Pakistan; actually I am writing a report and for this I need some information regarding online home shopping options in Pakistan, I need help, thanks.

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  3. kate

     In recent atmosphere online home shopping become one of the latest craze and it makes the shopping concept little convenient. One can purchase everything from online retail shopping. The home is one of famous and Pakistan's Largest Online Retail store. It has a wide range of items which are easily available for everyone in Pakistan by just a click of a button at extremely reasonable rates. Trend to shop online has been flourishing in Pakistan due to ease additionally it is convenient to find desired item on internet store, because here users can find view full specifications images videos and price of item. Buyers can place their order through internet and they will receive their item at their doorstep very next day.
    Different modes are being used to place order in Pakistan; over internet, through call, toll free call or SMS. On the same time different payment options are also available, for instance; Credit Cards (Master Card, American Express, Visa etc), eMoney (Pay Pal, Alert Pay, Google Checkout etc), Debit Card, Billing through Phone Bill, Payment on Delivery, Payment through Online Banking, Postal Money Order, Check and Bank Draft etc. Few online stores in Pakistan are given below:

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