What is cold pressed and is it the same as Olive Oil?

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I want to know about the Olive Oil in detail, what are its benefits and uses. What is the difference between Olive Oil and Cold Pressed.

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    Olive Oil is an Oil obtained from the Olive, a traditional tree which is a crop of Mediterranean Basin. Olive Oil is very popular all over the world and it is especially popular in the Mediterranean countries.
    There are different perceptions about Cold Pressed Oils. First of all we should know what Cold Pressed Oil is. Cold Pressed Oil are non refined oils which are made from seed, grain and nuts. They are known as cold pressed oil because they are made under extreme low temperatures this is the wrong perception for cold oils . Example of cold pressed oils are Olive Oil. Contrary to that Cold Pressed oils are made by providing heat to the seeds and grains through different processes.
    Cold pressed oils vary from different regions to, like it is sold as it is sold under the label of Cold Pressed in Europe and because it is made for such environment where the temperature does not go beyond certain degrees. There might be a slight variation in the temperature but it will not should not go above the temperature of 27C. The originality of cold pressed oil should be judged by the customers himself by smelling the oil.
    Cold Pressed Oils are best for producing some dishes as they have unique tastes however it should be kept in mind that cold pressed oils should not be over heated because they cannot endure high temperatures. If they are used for cooking then their originality and taste fades away.

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