Old western about a mute girl in the year 1800s.

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Would like to know the name of an old film placed in the early to mid 1800's. A mute girl from a wealthy family (she is about 18/19) is getting married. She leaves by stagecoach to meet her groom and the stagecoach is seiged by Indians. The Indians sell her to a mountain man who trades with the Indians. He put her to hard work. At some point he is mauled by a bear, and his leg becomes infected. He asks her to chop off his leg, which she does reluctantly. At some point she is rescued, but after being reunited with her family, she runs back to her mountain man.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The Trap is a Adventure and romantic film which was released in the year 1966. The main cast of the movie was Rita Tushingham and Oliver Reed, it was written by David D.Osborn and also was directed by Sidney Hayers. The soundtrack of the movie was composed by Ron Goodwin and the main theme is somewhat similar to the soundtrack music which was played by the BBC for London Marathon coverage. The cast of the film included Rita Tushingham, who played the character of Eve, Oliver Reed played the character of Jean La Bete, Barbara Chilcott played the character of Traders wife, Rex Sevenoaks played the character of the Trader, Linda Goranson played the character of the trader’s daughter, Merv Campone played the character of Yellow Dog. This is an excellent film but is rather underrated film. It was a Canada-UK production.

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