Title of an Old prison movie.

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Ok I am not sure if this is a classic film, but I am pretty sure I saw this on TV. I know it was a movie about a guy in prison. In one scene all of the prisoners are in a large room and they are walking in a circle. I believe the main character decides he has had enough and starts to walk opposite everyone else. While the other prisoners are trying to persuade him to walk the right direction he is carried off into another room, where the guard is getting ready to rape him. While the guard is getting ready he, he charges into and pushes him up against a wall. In the process the guards head hits a coat rake on the wall and he kills him. The prisoner puts his clothes on and walks out of the prison. He is right at the last door when another guard ask him some question, but doesn't get suspicious and the guy just walks out. The last scene they show is him walking down the road and after he sees a car and it passes he starts to run, and that is the end of the movie. From there were credits stating that he made it. This movie I believe may have been set like in a foreign country. Anyway I would greatly appreciate if you might know the name of this movie. Can you tell me the name of this movie?

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    You are talking about “Midnight Express”, starring Brad Davis. It was the story of a man in a Turkish prison for hashish smuggling based on a true story; believe it or not there is a book that this film was based on, and the book is even better than the movie. I hope you get the answer. Good luck

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