Name of Movie about miners trapped underground.

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I saw this movie a couple years ago I cant remember the title, maybe you can help me? It took place in New York, The main character was a black man who gets trapped underground while mining. He is down there for at least 5 days until he manages to escape only to find everyone is gone...apparently everyone evacuated because the country was under attack. The only three characters throughout the movie is the main character, a white woman and a white man. Both men are fighting for the woman's affection at one point. I thought it was a pretty good movie, I wish I could remember the title.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    I think you are talking about the movie named "The Quecreek Mine Rescue”, the movie is about nine miners who were trapped underground for 78 hours, from 24th July to 28th July in the year 2002. All the miners were rescued in this movies. The event started in the year 24th July 2002, there were eighteen Coal miners at the Quecreek Mine in the city of Lincoln Township in the state of Pennsylvania, it was owned by Black Wolf coal company. The two mines Saxman mine and Quecreek mine are located in the upper Kittanning coal stream. The main part of the movie starts when on 24th Wednesday at 9:00 pm, when miners were working on the mine, a flooded water came into the mines and causes the miners to get trapped inside it. The evacuation process then starts. After falling through the rough terrain miners were able to free themselves.

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