Title of a movie about an Old Nun.

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I am trying to find the name of a movie about a woman who was supposed to become a nun. She did not do it and afterwards every man she loved got killed. I seen the comments about The Miracle because that was what I was thinking it was but I do not remember Roger Moore in it. I remember the statue stepping down, but maybe I am getting two movies confused or something. I am looking for some serious help. If you have any information related to this movie please share it here. I would be really thankful to you.

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    I think that you are looking for the 1959 Warner Bros. film, "The Miracle". But, in the film, Carol Baker starts out as a novitiate studying to become a nun, then meets the soldier. She Leaves the nunnery, when she thinks he is dead, and joins a band of gypsies, becoming a performer.
    The Miracle is a 1959 remake of a 1912 German film Das Mirakel directed by Cherry Kearton and Max Reinhardt which in turn was supported on a 1911 pantomime play of the matching label by Karl Vollmöller.
    Plot: Teresa (Carroll Baker), a postulant at the convent of Miraflores in Salamanco, Spain, is an orphan taken in by the sisters there. She loves the convent life, regardless of being a fistful for her superiors. She sings experienced love pieces of music to the other postulants and reads secular tales such as Romeo and Juliet. Still, she has a alert devotion to Christ and to His Blessed Mother. A figurine of the Madonna, in detail, is held in high consider by Teresa as she proceeds about her duties.
    When the British stride through the village on their way to assault Napoleon, Teresa is abruptly drawn to a handsome captain (Roger Moore), after the assault the British come back to the convent which the Mother Superior boasts as a clinic for the wounded. Here Teresa discovers more about the juvenile head individual who had captivated her interest. He is Michael Stuart. He finds Teresa fascinating, recounts England to her and displays her pocket watch that performances a beautiful melody, a gift from his uncle, The Duke of Wellington (Torin Thatcher). Before long they find themselves dropping in love.

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