Old Love Movie title.

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Hey there! I watched this movie when I was a little girl so I wont be able to describe it very well... Something like... this young girl gets a job with a carnival or something, and the carnival owner likes her. I remember he asks her for a kiss... she says no... He makes her... so she pecks him on the cheek, and he is like, what? You call that a kiss? That is all I remember there... anyway, through the whole movie she has this love affair with these puppets, and the guys who run the puppets make the puppets portray their love for her. So basically it is a romance between a girl and some puppets. Then at the end of the movie she is walking down a deserted road alone, but suddenly the puppets are life size walking with her. I am sorry if that is not a great description it is the best I have. If you could help me that would be GREAT!

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    That sounds a like "Carnival," but I do not think that was ever made into a theatrical film. Afraid I do not have an answer for you. How about posting your question on the Classic Movies Forum? That way more than one person can try to answer it. Go to to log in. If you are not a Delphi member, you will need to register, which only requires an email address. Hope you will find your movie here.


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