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I remember seeing a B&W movie when I was a small child (I am 53) and it was about a child who was a circus performer - I recall him being in white tights and standing up riding on the back of a horse at one point. I seem to recall a last name of the child star as possibly Corkran or something close. Would love it if you could find me the name of that movie. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. chase4evermaybenow

    Kevin Corcoran is the main character in "Toby Tyler" (the title of the movie) from 1960.  You may want to check further to see if that is the movie or one of interest.  (Chase)  

  2. Guest23279458


    could it have been a TV show? There is a Kevin Corcoran, Hugh Corcoran and Kelly Corcoran. His sisters were Noreen and Donna; there was a TV show titled Circus Boy that ran from 1956 to 1958. The character's name was Corky. There was also a movie made in 1947 titled Circus Boy. After his parents, "The Flying Falcons", were slain in a trapeze misfortune, juvenile Corky (Mickey Braddock, subsequent renowned as Micky Dolenzof the Monkees) was taken up by Uncle Joey the Clown (Noah Beery, Jr.), and the entire Burke and Walsh Circus family. The juvenile lad rapidly discovered a function in the circus as water boy to Bimbo, a baby elephant who Corky would arrive to address his pet. Riding Bimbo's back, Corky administered with adolescent problems, and assisted the show's mature individuals, encompassing proprietor Big Tim Champion (Robert Lowery) and head canvasman Pete (Guinn Williams), hold the circus in the very dark as the display shifted from village to village each week.
    Couldn't find out anymore about it, I remember that little kid in white breeches standing on the horse, but I don't remember if it was in a movie or was an episode of the TV show.

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