Old Cat Hates New Kitten .What is the solution?

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So I have a 15 year old calico female that I have had most my life and just last week I brought home an 8 week old Orange tabby boy and she absolutely hates him! I really do not want to have to take the kitten away but is there anything that I can do while the tabby is young so that they can at least tolerate each other or should I just let time work it out?
Thanks so much!!
(they each have their own rooms that the other is not allowed in)

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  1. Misha

    Your older female is just ascertaining her tenancy in your home over the young one. It is normal behavior. How else is she going to let the new cat know where it belongs in the pecking order.

    Cats are resilient; they will eventually get along well enough in time. Just let it happen naturally, easily without too much interference and it will be a harmonious household again.
    Dislike of the kittens can be purely a behavioral issue, caused by health related and/or environmental concerns. The H.I.S.S. Test can help narrow the focus by looking at the cat's health, instinct, stress, and symptoms. Your veterinarian may have eliminated all these possibilities. It can take months for a set-in-her-ways cat to accept a new pet, and proper introductions help.


  2. Education Expert
    will be normal after some time.

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