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Do you know of a movie that seems to be in the future and has two plot lines going? First is about trying to get a child angel adopted without wings, second is about a group of secret agents perhaps clearing the land and moving people to another area. Seemed to be in future possibly a Sci –FI, I caught part on TV. Looked like made for TV. There were also three people searching for this angel without wings to destroy him. There is a scene where the secret agents go into a diner where they are struggling to order something that the diner has but eventually they all get tomato soup. Can someone tell me the name of this movie?

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    Hello there! Other than the fact that it is set in the not too distant past, this sounds very much like a film called "Northfork", which starred James Woods, Nick Nolte and Daryl Hannah.
    Northfork was directed by Michael Polish and written by Michael and Mark Polish in 2003. Premiered at Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2003 and received a limited released in the United States on July 11, 2003. The film stars James Woods, Nick Nolte, Daryl Hannah, Anthony Edwards, and Peter Coyote. This is the brothers' third film support, after Twin Falls Idaho (1999) and Jackpot(2001).
    The film's narrative contains of numerous interwoven subplots taking position in the township of Northfork, Montana circa 1955. A new dam is being assembled which will swamp the valley of Northfork, and the township is in the midst of an evacuation. The narratives purpose on numerous separate people who, for one justification or another, have yet to evacuate. Walter O'Brian (Woods) and his teenager (Mark Polish) are on the evacuation assembly, aiding to evacuate the last small number inhabitants of Northfork. Father Harlan (Nick Nolte) is one such separate someone, who has dwelled behind to nurture Irwin (Duel Farnes), a changing color orphan too frail to move out town. While the O'Brians and their coworkers find an array of extraordinary attributes, Irwin discovers that he is the "unknown angel" and finds himself a family in his dreams.

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