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In the Episode Pups is Pups, the Hall Twins are sometimes listed as being in the episode? Who are they? Do they have first names? Are they boy or girls or even dogs?

I also wonder who all of Matthew beard siblings are. I read he is one of 14 kids. I been wondering what all their names are? Help me out and give me the answer.

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  1. John

    Hi Jennifer

    The Hill Twins are the two little African-American boys that run off with Wheezers bell. I have never come across their first names and have only seen them listed as the Hill Twins.

    I know the names of four of Stymies younger siblings, since they are the ones who did film work. He had a baby sister named Betty Jane who appeared as Farinas younger sibling in \"Moan & Groan, Inc.\" and \"When The Wind Blows.\" There was also Carlena, who played Stymie's younger sister in \"Shiver My Timbers,\" \"Readin' And Writin',\" \"Birthday Blues,\" and \"For Pete's Sake.\" Then there's Bobbie, who played 'Cotton' in \"Birthday Blues,\" \"A Lad An' A Lamp,\" \"Fish Hooky,\" \"Forgotten Babies\" and \"Hi-Neighbor.\" And lastly, there's Renee, who appeared in \"Curly\" and \"Who Killed Doc Robbin\" in the mid-40s, which were an attempt by Hal Roach to (sort of) bring back the Our Gang series.
    I hope you are satisfied now, but still if you have some questions in your mind then consult me. I am always delightful to help you.

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