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I am currently an Active commissioned Security Officer and i work at a non-commissioned job site next to a club that is not contracted with my company. On Sat 5-29-2010 i was outside by my vehicle smoking a cigarette with an employee from the job site and both our vehicles were parked right by the curb of the facility. We were BS-ing then suddenly i hear a car engine roaring very loudly so i turned to look behind me and a car PURPOSELY came at me trying to hit me. I let it go since i didn't get any vehicle info and he had driven off. 10-15 minutes later i see the driver of a SUV get out of his vehicle and start fighting with a group of men. Being that it was the clubs problem i didn't pay any mind but then the driver got back into his vehicle and started to use it as a deadly weapon trying to run people over. I put my Duty weapon in my holster and I then walked towards the group, and the driver had seen me (I am assuming) then the driver starts driving his vehicle towards my direction accelerating very quickly so I pulled my Duty Weapon out and pointed it at him he then swerved away from me and drove off i went to check on the people and they were all shaken up but OK. Now Did i do the right thing for Protecting the Life of an innocent third-party and my own since i did fear for my life or did i break the law by drawing my weapon. Please help me with this question.

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