Nokia tablet that bends, trip down memory lane

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It was two years yesterday that Nokia treated us to some R&D of a display that bends, and two years on we are just seeing the first signs of this technology coming to our mobile devices. However, Nokia is not one of them, which does seem strange considering they seem further ahead in the development stage.

The flexible kinetic device was first seen at the 2011 Nokia Show in London, where visitors got to see that Nokia still had what it takes to keep up with rivals, but a lot has happened in two years, and the lack of a bendable mobile device in that time is proof.

Nokia’s kinetic device was 5 inches in size, which was a little small to be dubbed a tablet, but they said it was easy to increase its size. It is hard to know if there would have been a market for this prototype because you had to bend and twist the Nokia device in order for it to do certain tasks, which is demonstrated in the video we have for you below. The problem is, when you have a bendable product like a tablet, it is tough to know its limits.

A Nokia tablet concept from two years ago
A Nokia tablet concept from two years ago
One has to wonder if curved displays on smartphones and tablets are the next big thing, because we do have a hard time wondering why you would want one of these devices to curve, as it would make it difficult to carry in your pocket or a case?

We know that LG and Samsung already have a curved smarthone, and there is a possibility that LG could offer a tablet with a similar design, but we think it could be one of those designs that do not catch on.

Nokia was on the right track with a flexible product, but this would be better implemented on an ePaper or something similar.

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