Nokia E62 certificate error

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Nokia E62 certificate error

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  1. Guest15378353
    i have tried to set d date back by 1 year and have reached 2001...but still i get d same msg...certificate may not b valid yet..

  2. Guest14052287
    Nokia E62 certificate error i tried to install them to chang date and every this but its shows agian error
  3. Leonardo
    Expired certificate error In addition to the certificate error, you may also encounter the 'expired certificate error' which involves a slightly different work around. You're more than likely to encounter this error at some point. It occurs because of the symbian security on the handset itself. Basically Symbian only allow a certificate to be valid for a maximum of 6 months. What this means, is when you try to install a theme older than 6 months, your phone will quit during installation and display 'expired certificate error'. If you encounter Expired Certificate error during installation on to your Nokia phone, please set your mobile phone date back 1 year before you install your theme. You can set the date back after installation completes.

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