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I have my question regarding the famous BMIFC which is an abbreviation for the Barry Manilow International Fan Club. I have been sending several messages to Barry from time to time. For some reasons, there has never been a reply to any of my message. I want to know if the BMIFC has removed the message board from Barrynet service or has it been shut down.

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  1. Harry

    Talking about the volume of messages that Barry Manilow would be receiving on the daily basis, there is no doubt that, those messages could be perhaps even in thousands if not in millions. Giving feedback on such a huge volume of messages, letters or e-mails is by no means a piece of cake. It for sure requires a professional and strong management set up. Something which is important is just not simply receiving messages, reading them and giving the appropriate feedback. There would be a large number of messages which would need to be screened out. This is because there do happen to be certain messages which are probably violating the norms of messages or letter writing. Then there are certain regular writers and some new writers. The letters by regular writers are often easy to recognize by the management while the letters from news fans may need some time to be recognized. Now as far as the removal of message board from BMIFC, there cannot be any solid or authentic answer to this question. No one can possibly tell that why the management took this step. Perhaps the best person to answer this question is Vikki Thomas at 310-957-5788, who can give an explanation as to why the Barry Net Message Board was eliminated.

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