Difference in Tom & Jerry Game in Nintendo and Super Nintendo.

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I want to play Tom & Jerry game. Is there any difference between the Tom and Jerry game played in Nintendo and played on the platform Super Nintendo.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Hello Michelle, I'm not sure how to help a whole lot here, but lets see.. There are lots of different games with different names, yet many different systems all the same. Some games they make, have names, yet other systems have games with the same name, and are basically the same. This happens with a lot.
    The two main platform of games are Nintendo also known as N64 while the other is Super Nintendo.
    Super Nintendo uses a 16 bit system while N64 uses 64 bits system. There have been some difference between the games in both the platforms but that difference comes in the later stages especially when we are talking about 3D system technologies. For example, The Lost Park plays has separate controls and has different stages in the Nintendo and is different from Super Nintendo.
    But Tom & Jerry is the same as on N64 as on Super Nintendo.

    Another game, Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time, for N-64, is also a game that came with my friends, Zelda: Windwaker for Nintendo Gamecube, they're still the same game, and graphics, just different controls of course, and a new mode called Master Quest, which is a new puzzle to the game.

    Tom & Jerry game you used, very well may be the same for the most part.. I hope this answers your question, and please let me know if you have anything further you would like to ask, or for future questions.


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