Nikon D700--pictures are just a blank screen and nothing on the CF card

by Guest19232805  |  9 years, 6 month(s) ago

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My camera and lenses had been working fine until yesterday (6-9-10). I began using the self timer for the first time and took a couple pictures then reset to normal mode. Now my camera will not record the pictures to the CF card. After taking a picture and selecting view mode, I get a black screen with no picture. I do see the data for the picture though and the camera advances to the next picture count. When I remove the card to down load the pictures to my computer there are no pictures there. I have changed CF cards, changed lenses and still the same problem. I also did a reset to the default custom settings in case I had accidentally changed something. It must be a setting that I have changed. I don't believe I have locked or hidden the images---not sure how to that anyway.

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