Night Safari of Singapore Zoo

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I am a student of Geography. I have been given a task of writing an essay on the topic Singapore Zoo. Now my question is about Night Safari of Singapore Zoo

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    It is the world's first night wildlife park, started on 26 May 1994. Covering 40 ha of dense secondary forest, it is divided into East and West Loops. It offers a nocturnal experience with over 1,000 animals of 100 species, tapping on dim light technique for visibility. Night safari is a popular quiet and wholesome night entertainment, attracting possibly every visitor to Singapore. Its novelty has not worn off despite having been around for more than a decade. On its own, it has reaped four awards, both local and international including being a Gold winner in IFEA Pinnacle Award 2001 for having wild dining on-board a moving tram. It is officially known as Gourmet Safari Express in Night Safari.

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