New Zealand vs Sri Lanka world cup 2011 semi-final match or a mismatch?

by Guest23137804  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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Is the world cup 2011 semi-final match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand prove to be a total one-sided encounter?

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  1. Guest23138482

     NO, Its not a mismatch New Zealander have good bolling and bating combination and they are good in fielding. They have confidence after winning over Pakistan and South Africa. I don't think it will be one sided match.  

  2. Harry

    To make the world cup 2011 first semi final look like a true match, the Kiwis will really have to be strong in the field both with the bat and the ball. They should not be having bad memories in the past at the back of their minds and should take on the co-hosts Sri Lankans with a positive frame of mind.

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