New Zealand Tourist immigration policy?

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Do you know something about new zealand immigration policy, please share it.

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  1. Xpert

     New Zealand immigration requires that passport holders from some countries who have a Tourist Visa if they wish to enter in New Zealand. For travelling in New Zealand as a Tourist you must be visit as a tourist, see friends and relatives or you can study one short course of up to 3 months, Play sport or perform in cultural events without pay. You can undertake a business trip or undertake medical treatment.

  2. Guest245
    Worth a try

    New Zealand, Consulate

    Tel: 04 3317500

    Fax: 04 3317501


  3. Guest2260
    Visit the New Zealand embassy closest to you. They will be able to help you.
  4. Guest8226
    The best answer can be had from the consulate of a country of interest to you. Contact each country.

    All this countries do cater to visitors so there should be no problem, lots of travel agency have visa expert that can walk you through the maze, for a nominal fee if you are their customer.
  5. Guest2545
    I voted for winston peters for his immigration policy.Go to aus its better.
  6. Guest2735
    Check with the NZ embassy in New Delhi or the link below.

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