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I have seen some key chains which have the label and picture of Elvis Presley, what are some other items which have the picture and label of Elvis Presley, where can I find and buy such items.

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Some items with Elvis Presley sticker and label are
    Elvis Presley Recycled Shopper Tote Bag and its price is 5.99$. Similarly there is a large Elvis Presley recycled Tote bag which can be bought at the price of 6.99$ and both the bags have pictures of Elvis Presley on the sides of the bag. Lots of key chains of Elvis Presley are available like
    Elvis Presley karate Lucite Keychain which costs 3.99$ , there is another keychain named Elvis Presley Psychedelic Elvis Lucite Keychain which costs 3.99$ and also there is Elvis Presley Red Face Lucite Keychain of price 3.99$ and all these key chains have picture of Elvis written on it. Similarly there are Lunchboxes of Elvis picture and their logos on it like Elvis Presley Love me Tender Mini Lunchbox which costs 5.99$ and similarly Elvis Presley Love Me Tender Lunchbox of price 17.99$ and Elvis Presley Mini Lunchbox of 5.99$.
    There are special types of Elvis Presley Mug which are known as Elvis Presley Love Me Tender Travel Mug which is of price 9.99$. There are different posters of Elvis Presley as well such as Elvis Presley Piano Wall Poster which costs 8.99$, there are also Elvis Presley Live Wall Poster with a price of 7.99$ and also Elvis Presley Glamour Wall Poster of prices 7.99$. There are other items of Elvis Presley as well like Elvis Presley Tin Signs, Elvis Presley T-shirts, Elvis Presley water bottles, Elvis Presley Coasters, Elvis Presley Journals, Elvis Presley Luggage Tags, Elvis Presley Playing cards, Elvis Presley Stickers.
    You can see more in detail about Elvis Presley items and purchase it from the site given below.

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