Neutered Male Mounting Female in Heat. What happens when a neutered male ties with a female in

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What happens when a neutered male ties with a female in heat?

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    Hi, Most females in the estrus cycle will have swelling of the v***a. Then during the early part of the cycle she will have red spotting which as she heads into the fertile time will become lighter. It’s about a three week cycle in all. When the female is "ready" she will demonstrate standing heat which means she will allow the male to mount her. If she is not ready she will sit down. Bring your male around her on a leash, if he tries to mount her and she doesn’t sit down or try to bite his face off then she is still willing and able, and he should be immediately pulled away. If she becomes aggressive with him and sits then she is going out of heat. it takes several extra days to get this idea through the males thick skull as he will continue to try for a while longer. It is best to have him neutered since this exposure to her estrus cycle is extremely stressful to him. Many males loose weight and become almost intolerable to be around. A female in heat is detectable to any male within 1/2 mile radius. keep her under your watchful eye. She is shameless at the point of standing heat aand will openly try to solicite a breeding. be very careful when you bring him around to test her, it can happen quickly. We had our male neutered and he would still mount and tie with our female who was intact. She obviously couldn’t conceive but life was so much easier when they were both unable to breed. he had so much testosterone even with being neutered that that’s why he would still react strongly. Hope it helps

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